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Family Peace of Mind

Worried about the safety of those close to you? In today’s world, you can’t always be with the people who need a little extra help.

neiighbor helps you help your loved ones, young and old.

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Geofence, Location, Wi-Fi, and Cellular

The neiighbor app collects real-time data without the need for manual input, so you always know where your loved ones are.

User Metrics: Heart Rate, Steps, Sleep, and Mood

neiighbor actively monitors health data and notifies you of any critical changes. This way, you can rest easy knowing the ones you care about are safe.

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Keep your neiighbors informed of your wellbeing with customizable reports. If a user is not able to write their own entries, an approved caretake can help.

Customizable Notifications

Set custom notifications for each neiighbor to receive alerts on the information you want to monitor. You can choose to be notified by push notifications or text messages.

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Keep in Touch

Get access to a social feed of your neiighbors’ posts and chat using direct messages. Send interactive messages to help people easily answer important questions.

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Monitor Reports

Location, Geofence, Last Phone Unlock and Movement, Impact Incident, Heart Rate, Sleep, Steps

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